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Avoid Security Alert Fatigue with DEFEND

Are your analysts drowning in alerts? DEFEND may be your solution. Many security experts get security alerts from multiple sources throughout the day; many of these alerts being false positives. Our patent approved solution, DEFEND can integrate with your existing SIEM to help make it smarter. By analyzing user behavior using keystrokes and mouse movements, DEFEND continuously authenticates users based on how they work. With this use of behavioral biometrics, false positive alerts can be filtered out, helping to streamline and simplify security.

The tools help to give you assurance the right person is accessing the right data on the right device by continuously monitoring the way that users type and move on their devices in real time. In doing so, security alerts and false positives are streamlined.

DEFEND enriches your security data universe with the use of continuous authentication. You can integrate DEFEND into your SIEM and align it with other SIEM events to enable your SOC to quickly focus on those events that are most likely to represent compromised activity. This technology better protects your users with no new hardware or new workflows.

DEFEND integrates well with major SIEMs like Splunk and Log Rhythm.

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