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Detect Compromised Sessions in Real Time

Most traditional authentication happens once, maybe twice per day. It’s when you first get started in the morning, you sit down, you type in a login password, and then by and large, there’s not any additional checks throughout the day. With Plurilock’s patented technology, we’re checking two hundred and fifty to three hundred times per day invisibly in the background without the employee having to do anything extra during their workday.

Plurilock’s technology allows us to identify people, specifically employees based on how they interact with devices based or micro expressions. Micro expressions refer to the speed, rhythm and cadence of how your fingers tap the keyboard. This is informed by everything from the style of typing that you do, the length of your fingers, the muscle memory that you have. The way that you type on a keyboard and the way that you move a mouse can uniquely identify you as a person. This is called behavioral biometrics.

But what if I had a bunch of coffee that day?
Even if you are on your 5th cup of coffee, you still behave like yourself while typing and moving your mouse. When your movements match with your typical behavior, normal risk is logged. If it looks atypical, the risk will be logged. If atypical behavior, persists, the administrators will be alerted of a potential threat.

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