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What is Behavioral Biometrics?

Security practices of the past and present are becoming increasingly ineffective in protecting data as attackers are getting more sophisticated. New technologies are now required to better protect your organization and your customers. Behavioral biometrics is a leading technology aimed at addressing these weaknesses.

Traditional Biometric Authentication
Traditional biometric authentication would include fingerprint readers and face scanners that your smartphone uses. Traditional biometric technologies are not foolproof for ensuring privacy and safety. Behavioral biometrics takes these forms of authentication to the next level, providing additional security.

Introducing Behavioral Biometrics
Behavioral biometrics utilizes the strengths of traditional biometrics while eliminating the weaknesses. Instead of relying on body parts or activity records, it analyzes unique micro-patterns in movement. This is a more secure way of authentication because patterns are unique, difficult to duplicate or fabricate, and cannot be used to impersonate a person’s identity.

Behavioral biometrics identifies individual ways in which people type and move instead of using things they have, things they know, or parts of their bodies to authenticate themselves. A security benefit of behavioral biometrics is that it authenticates continuously, monitoring the way that the user is moving a typing on their device in real-time.

How Does This Fit with My Existing Solutions?
This tool is a powerful and non-overlapping addition to your existing authentication tools. It can make your existing forms of authentications more effective. In the future, behavioral biometrics could replace other forms of authentication entirely.

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