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Navigating IAM in the Cloud

75% of all cloud security breaches are a result of poor permission management according to Gartner.

As your organization continues to work in the cloud, ensuring that you have the right identity access management tools are essential to best protect your organization. Identity access management (IAM) helps to grant access to the right assets for the right people. Preventing unauthorized access is an essential way to secure your environment’s front door.

IAM has been a priority for cybersecurity for nearly a decade. With rising adoption of cloud technologies and a rise in sophisticated cybersecurity attacks, IAM is gaining greater significance.

Aurora’s engineering team has established themselves as a proven Identity Access Management security partner. Our highly skilled staff of professional service engineers have solution expertise in the following areas: Single Sign-On, Universal Directory and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication.

  • Single Sign On (SSO): a tool that enables users to access multiple applications securely using only one set of credentials. SSO aims to eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords, decreasing the attack surface in your environment.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): a solution that only grants access to an application after it has been authenticated by multiple devices. Implementing MFA into your system helps prevent security breaches and allows your organization to be proactive in their security practices.
  • Universal Directory: provides a single view of the activity across your organization’s many user groups.

It is critical for businesses of all sizes to implement Identity Access Management tools into their environment. Aurora has IAM experts on staff that can walk you through the necessary steps. Contact us at to get started today.

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