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3 Key Aspects of Cloud Conformity

Platforms such as AWS and Azure provide a secure cloud infrastructure that is increasingly being adopted by leading organizations. When you adopt these platforms, you are responsible for protecting your own workloads, applications, and data—that is where Trend Micro comes in. Cloud Conformity helps to continuously secure your cloud infrastructure by enabling you to:

1. Improve your Cloud Infrastructure to Fit Best Practices

  • Conformity maps to the best practices of the cloud service providers. For AWS, Conformity ensures that each rule of the Well Architected Framework is being met.

2. Continuously Monitor from Build Pipeline to Runtime

  • Conformity utilizes a leading Knowledge Base catalogue that enables development teams to run ready-to-go checks against your cloud accounts and apply remediations.

3. Manage Compliance in the Cloud

  • Conformity enables real-time monitoring that provides visibility and insight into the dynamic cloud environment.

Conformity helps your organization to continuously improve your security and compliance posture. With a growing library of cloud infrastructure configuration best practices for AWS and Microsoft Azure, Conformity helps you make sure your environment is behaving the way it was designed.

Learn more about the functionality of Trend Micro’s Cloud One Conformity by viewing this video overview.

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