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SolarWinds Impact for Security Managers

The cybersecurity community continues to investigate recent attacks that are linked to SolarWinds. The popular network monitoring software, SolarWinds Orion, was compromised by a massive, sophisticated attack on December 13, 2020. The attackers planted a backdoor known as Sunburst onto affected machines, gaining complete access to the targeted organizations’ network.

The recent SolarWinds attack raises the question of whether the current methods of security strategy are adequate to protect businesses today. The SolarWinds attack has impacted nearly 18,000 organizations and counting. With the increasing sophistication of attacks, cybersecurity incidents are inevitable, there is a call for security managers to reduce the time of detection and response to threats.

Having an incident response plan and playbook is key in protecting important customer or organizational data. Conducting assessments, having a strong communication structure with your board, and implementing strong security solutions are critical.

Trend Micro has created tools to help the community and are making updates to our products to assist our customers in this evolving situation.

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