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How to Celebrate Data Privacy Day

For Businesses and individuals alike, the data that we store online continues to grow. On Data Privacy Day, we are raising awareness of actionable steps towards protecting the data you and your business have online.

What Can I Do as an Individual?
Data Privacy Day was created to educate individuals on how to gain better control of their data. For many, managing the security of all their data online seems overwhelming. Much of our work at Aurora centers around the cybersecurity of an organization, but as personal and professional data continues to combine, data security should be a priority for everyone. As individuals, there are steps that you can adopt today to better improve your data privacy

  • Keep Track of Which Apps Have Your Data. It’s okay to click yes to enable location services or photo album but be wary of why they may need this information. Get in the habit of deleting apps that you don’t use and installing updates on the ones that you do use.
  • Value Your Personal Information: Be wary of who you give your personal information to. Weigh the costs and benefits associated with giving out your information to a business.

What Can My Business Do?
It is critical for every organization of any size to implement security protocols, solutions and assessments within its environment.

  • Move Traditional Security to the Cloud. Many on-premise security solutions do not come close to providing the necessary protection for your organization’s data in the cloud. With a majority of employees working remotely, the call for innovative cloud solutions such as CASB or SASE is critical.
  • Conduct Vulnerability Assessments: Constantly checking for weaknesses in your environment is a proactive way to decrease the attack surface of your organization’s environment. Taking a proactive approach to your security is a great way for organizations to stay compliant with industry standards of security.

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