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Keep Up with the Vulnerability Management Cycle

Are you securing the low hanging security risk in your environment? Vulnerability assessments can help identify the weaknesses in your security infrastructure so that you can begin a remediation process to improve your security posture.

What is the Vulnerability Management Cycle?
Vulnerability Management follows a cycle: scan, remediate, rescan, remediate, and so on. First, we will target the assets that need to be scanned, we’ll then configure the scan and schedule it. Once we have completed the scan, we will compile a report. Our team will review the report and check for false positives. Based on this report, a remediation plan will be suggested. This process will be repeated after the first-round remediation is completed. By consistently checking for vulnerabilities, Aurora will help your organization can be better prepared against cyber-attacks.

Why is Vulnerability Management so Important?
Hackers are constantly searching for vulnerabilities to exploit. A vulnerability within your environment can be anything from outdated software, misconfiguration of software, unsupported software or vulnerabilities within the software that you’ve downloaded. By getting to the weaknesses first, you can better protect your environment from a potential cyber-attack. Since a vulnerability assessment happens at one point in time, we recommend conducting them on a regular basis to improve the likelihood of you getting to a vulnerability in your environment before a malicious actor does.

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