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You Might Need to Be Performing Pen Tests More Often

Being proactive in your security practices should be a top priority for any organization in a time of increased cyber-attacks. We recommend conducting security assessments often to better protect your data. Penetration tests are a security assessment that we recommend conducting regularly. We’ve found that customers who implement penetration test on a bi-yearly basis have been more likely to detect threats before a hacker does.

Detect Vulnerabilities Before a Hacker Does
In a penetration test, our team will examine your environment and identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a hacker. By performing these tests often, you can take a more proactive approach to security instead of a reactive one. Penetration tests include making remediation recommendations that can help minimize the risk of a security attack. By being proactive, your organization is more likely to have mitigated major vulnerabilities before a hacker finds a way to exploit them. Aurora has a certified ethical hacker on staff that specializes in pen testing.

Meeting Industry Standards
Many of Aurora’s customers are in industries that require them to meet a certain standard of security. Penetration testing is an important step towards meeting compliance standards. By being compliant with industry standards, your organization will avoid fines. Additionally, having good security posture helps to keep your customer and employee data secure. The cost of a security breach is very expensive and can lead to the loss of customer trust. Taking proactive steps towards good security posture is critical for any organization of any size today.

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