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The 3 Most Critical Steps for Your Security Posture

Improving your security posture MUST be on your list of priorities for 2021. Any organization can be a target for a security breach. Although there is no foolproof plan for perfect security posture, conducting key security assessments can help improve security posture and better protect your organization. Aurora provides a portfolio of cybersecurity assessments and consulting services. These three security assessments are a must have for any organization’s security portfolio:

Security Gap Analysis
In a security gap analysis, Aurora’s team will assess the gaps between your current state of cybersecurity readiness and the standard for your industry. This assessment will serve as a guide for next steps towards improving your security posture.

Phishing Simulation Risk Assessment
Phishing emails, texts, and social media links are on the rise and are getting increasingly sophisticated. In a phishing simulation risk assessment, our team will simulate a phishing attack to analyze your organization’s susceptibility to an attack. The data that is found within this assessment will be used to recommend security measures to improve your organization’s preparedness and security posture.

Vulnerability Assessments
In a vulnerability assessment, our team aims to find weaknesses in your security environment and remediate them before a hacker does. Consistently performing vulnerability assessments is key to good security posture.

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