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Aurora Successfully Deploys Symantec DLP into AWS

In response to a call to increase security in the cloud, the team at Aurora has been thinking out of the box. Organizations have never relied on the cloud more than they do now, so the old way that we operated cloud security can no longer be accepted. With AWS and Symantec integration, we can do more to protect your cloud environment.

Many of Aurora’s customers have been migrating workloads to AWS. Amazon Web Services has proven to be a great way to improve business agility, cost savings, and operational efficiency. The cloud has truly taken over as more workers are working from home than ever before. In order to store all the data that is moving from on-premise data centers to the cloud, many customers are turning to AWS cloud tools.

On a recent project, we set up a Symantec DLP Infrastructure on AWS that could connect to any AWS Account’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) via Transit Gateway. The goal of this integration was to protect data in motion and data at rest within Amazon EC2, Amazon Workspaces, and Amazon S3 Bucket.

For Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), we included SQL Database servers to address data at rest using Network Discover scans. Network Discover also addressed any shares on EC2 including Linux shares. We used web prevent and endpoint protection to address data in motion. In addition to web prevent we added a proxy component which could be set up on the endpoints as needed to route traffic. This allowed Network Prevent to inspect all the network traffic being utilized by end users and protect data in motion in the proxy. Implementing these Symantec solutions into Amazon EC2 is a revolutionary way to protect this complex cloud environment from cyber-attacks.

For Amazon WorkSpace, specifically the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure tool for desktops in the cloud, we utilize Web Prevent and Endpoint Protection for data in motion. Increasingly, organizations have been utilizing Amazon WorkSpace for employees that work from anywhere. Aurora’s integration of Symantec solutions helps to protect this employee data from security breaches.

To help protect data within the Amazon S3 Bucket, we conducted scanning to ensure sensitive data was not compromised when using CloudSOC.

Aurora’s team of engineers also connected Symantec Information Centric Analytics (ICA) to the Oracle database hosted on the Symantec Enforce Server to analyze the data.

We are committed to helping customers like you protect data in Amazon cloud environments in new and innovative ways. Contact us if you think implementing Symantec solutions into AWS is right for you.

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