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4 Tips When Shopping Online this Black Friday

For many of us, Black Friday is the launch of the holiday shopping season. During this time, many of us may be more likely to begrudgingly agree to signing up for email lists, referring a friend, or completing a survey for a better deal. Email marketing and social media posts are flooded with deals. While there are often legitimate websites with these offers, be wary of phishing emails and illegitimate websites as you shop this holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known to be high-risk times for these types of cybersecurity risks.  

Since the shift to working from home, many individuals have their personal and professional information in the same space. Additionally, the digital transformation has increased the number of shoppers online. These factors further exacerbate the need to minimize the risk of malware to effectively prevent data loss for all the data that is stored on your network. This holiday shopping season, and always, keep cybersecurity best practices in mind when shopping online.  

We came up with the 4 things you should consider when shopping online this season:  

Use 3rd party payment tools like Apple Pay, Pay Pal, and Google Cart
Using 3rd party payment tools help to better protect your card information while shopping at multiple online retailers.  

If you’re browsing the internet in a public place, use a VPN
Utilizing public Wi-Fi can put you make you vulnerable for cyber-attacks. You can mitigate that risk by using a VPN to protect your information from being accessed by unauthorized users.  

Check site URLs for legitimacy
Make sure you are browsing on legitimate sites. If there are any extra characters in the URL that you are shopping on, it might not be legitimate. This site could put your information at risk.  

Never store your credit card information on a computer that isn’t owned by you 
Although it’s convenient to store your credit card data on your computer, we recommend not doing it if anyone else might get access to your computer, and in turn, your credit card information.  

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