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Is Our Interest in Cybersecurity and Football Connected?

The analogy has been used before, but on #AmericanFootballDay, we can’t help but think about how much the “game” of cybersecurity relates to football.

There is an offense and a defense:
We already know that in football, there is an offense and a defense fighting to win the game. In the game of cybersecurity, the hackers are the offense, trying to steal a “touchdown,” or in their case, stealing your important data. Cybersecurity professionals are the defense. We develop tools to defend against hackers and protect your data.

Training is essential:
In football, the training you do off the field can be just an important as your performance on the field. At Aurora, our engineering team trains and tests to defend different kinds of attacks. By striving to improve our defensive skills, we become better equipped to tackle a security breach and ultimately win the game. At the same time, the opposing team (the hackers) are training too. They are coming up with new ways to steal important data. For this reason, our team (the defenders) must continue to train and acquire new skills and solutions towards protecting important data.

Teamwork is required:
Time after time, in football we’ve seen that no matter how good your star player is, your team is nothing if they don’t work together. In cybersecurity, we see that with solutions. You may have the best on-premise solutions to protect your data on your computer, however, no matter how good your on-premise solution is, it doesn’t properly protect your data in the cloud. For this reason, you need to implement multiple different solutions that work together for a comprehensive protection of your cyber environment. Similarly, this works with talent. One security engineer cannot defend against every type of attack. It takes multiple different engineers with varying skillsets working together to win the game.

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