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Assessing the Gaps in Your Security

Cybersecurity has recently become a greater concern for companies of all sizes and levels of maturity. Where do you start? We recommend a security gap analysis. Conducting a security gap analysis can help you discover security weaknesses in your IT environment. By identifying weaknesses, you can begin filling in the gaps in your security portfolio before it is exploited by a malicious third-party. The intent of a security gap analysis is to understand the difference between your current cybersecurity posture and what would be ideal for your industry. By understanding the gap between what you are currently doing and what you should be doing, your organization can become aware of existing vulnerabilities in your security posture and how to start filling in the gap. Depending on the industry that your business operates in, Aurora’s engineers will evaluate your compliance to the industry standard framework, whether that be HIPAA, PCI, etc. Aurora will consult your organization on next steps to becoming more secure.

During a Security Gap Analysis, Aurora will address the concerns of employees in your organization and provide trainings to help further educate employees on best practices. Oftentimes, employees can be a weakness in an organization’s security posture. By giving employees security training, these risks can be mitigated. We will additionally gather data to understand how your security program operates then perform a deep analysis on the performance of your security program.

The risks of not conducting a security gap analysis includes the loss of data, penalties associated with exposed customer data, and weakened confidence in your organization. For this reason, a security gap analysis is critical when planning for business continuity.

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