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Helping Healthcare Organizations #BeCyberSmart

This year, we’ve seen a rise in telemedicine and remote medical records. Although these changes have been an important adaptation to challenges associated with a global health crisis, this has increased the vulnerability for healthcare organizations and their customers to cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity is one of the many challenges that healthcare workers are facing today. At Aurora we can help minimize your security risk, so healthcare workers can focus on their essential work.

Aurora will conduct Security Assessments to understand your current posture and the cybersecurity vulnerabilities that exist within your environment. These types of assessments will identify your compliance with regulations such as HIPAA as well as uncover any other weaknesses within your environment.

We can provide Security Consulting Services. In many cases, cyber threats can be minimized through updating your organization’s security policies or giving your workers a refresh on cybersecurity protocols.

Emails and web usage are common spaces for attacks. The Aurora team will help make those avenues more secure to reduce your risk exposure.

As mobile devices have begun to play a greater role in medicine, we can provide Mobile Device Management to ensure that these devices are protected.

As we spread awareness about cybersecurity, healthcare is top of mind. The Aurora team looks forward to providing your healthcare workers with services and solutions that can protect your organization. Talk to one of our team members by contacting

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