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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This year, with increased cyber-attacks and increased sophistication of hackers, spreading cybersecurity awareness is especially crucial. This year the theme is #BeCyberSmart. Here’s how we’ll be celebrating:

1. What Role Can You Play?
Using secure passwords is way for individuals to play a role in their own cyber security. We encourage using different passwords for each log in. Use passwords that are difficult to guess. At Aurora, we can help educate the people within your organization to #BeCyberSmart by conducting Security Training Assessments for your team.

2. Secure Your Professional AND Personal Devices
For many Americans, work from home has combined their personal and professional internet-connected environments. This can spark new vulnerabilities. We encourage individuals and organizations to conduct security assessments to ensure that both their personal and professional cyber environments are secure.

3. Focus on Healthcare
The rise of telemedicine and digital health records has increased vulnerabilities for the healthcare industry. These changes in the healthcare industry can make it more difficult for organizations to adhere to regulations such as HIPAA. Aurora can help healthcare organizations assess if their environment is secure and give remediation recommendations.

4. The Future of Cybersecurity
New technological innovations such as 5G or AI are getting closer. These innovations can bring upon additional cybersecurity challenges. Going forward, being aware of cybersecurity should play a regular role in our lives. Aurora can help you integrate regular cybersecurity solutions and assessments into your environment. We’ll make it easy for you to keep cybersecurity at the forefront of your organization.

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