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Take Control of Your Organization’s Security Policy

Developing and maintaining Security Policy Development is critical for an organization’s security posture. Security policy development allows your security policies to better align with the objectives and best practices of your business. In addition, it aids in addressing the risk and compliance requirements of your organization’s chosen security framework.

All companies are vulnerable to cyber security threats including issues surrounding confidentiality, data integrity, or availability. Developing a strong security policy can ensure that your organization has a plan in place.

Aurora can help your organization evaluate existing policies or help develop new policies. The types of policies that the Aurora team can work with includes: third-party, asset classification, accountability, personnel security, physical and environmental security, communications security, operations security, user education and awareness, access control, system development life cycle, business continuity, disaster recover, or regulatory compliance.

When you schedule a Security Policy Development Assessment with Aurora Security Consulting Services, we will develop policies to meet any gaps in your existing plans. We will review and/or develop 7 policies at a fixed fee. Contact us at to schedule a security policy development assessment.

Contact us at or call 888-282-0696 to learn more about how Aurora can help your organization with IT, consulting, compliance, assessments, managed services, or cybersecurity needs.

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