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Are Your Applications Putting You at Risk for Cyber Attacks?

Web applications are often a target for attackers. When applications are not properly tested, they can provide access to sensitive data or can even fully compromise operating systems. Application security is increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. Industry regulations for HIPAA, PCI and Red Flag require application security testing. Conducting an Application Security Assessment can help you discover the key weaknesses in your servers and provide a review of your network, operating system, application and endpoint security measures.

By conducting an Application Security Assessment, you can be able to identify the root cause of any security issues going on within your application. During one of these assessments, we will attempt to escape out of the network and application boundaries of the systems within scope and attempt to gain unauthorized access to systems within scope and systems connected to the web application. To learn more about how the experts at Aurora Security Consulting Services can help you improve your security posture, contact us at

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