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Is Your Data Being Misused?

Staying connected with coworkers and clients is crucial. However, with more of our communication being done online, your personal and professional data is at risk for cyber-attacks. Hackers are on the rise and working from home has increased the vulnerability of protected data. Your organization’s data is now being accessed from many different sources. Data Loss Prevention solutions can protect your data from getting in the wrong hands.

When you have information moving both within and outside of your organization, it is difficult to know where your data is and who has access to it. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) ensures that your sensitive data doesn’t get accessed by unauthorized users.

Aurora can provide you a Data Loss Prevention Assessment to help your organization more tightly control your data and know where it is. During an Aurora Data Classification Assessment, our skilled engineers will provide: the current and ideal state of the customers data classification and data loss prevention solution, insight into data aging, access patterns, and true data ownership based on these patterns, where sensitive data is being store, what permissions surround this data, and who is accessing it.

To schedule an assessment, contact Aurora at or call us at 888-282-0696. Our team looks forward to helping you navigate the security of your sensitive data.

Contact us at or call 888-282-0696 to learn more about how Aurora can help your organization with IT, consulting, compliance, assessments, managed services, or cybersecurity needs.

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