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Understand Who Has Access to Your Cloud Data

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) is an essential element in any cloud security strategy. What is CASB? Exactly as its name suggests, it is a security broker that sits between the end user and the cloud service. The user can monitor all activity within selected communication ensuring no data or information is leaked or compromised. Users can also check for potential malware activity as well as control the use of data communicated with security policies. CASB Cloud Security can be used on premise with an agent managed solution or through a cloud-hosted proxy that redirects communication through the CASB solution to keep data safe while the user is utilizing the cloud service.

The focus of CASB Cloud Security is to enforce security policies between the customer and cloud service providers.  It does this by positioning itself between the end user or by using the cloud provider’s API.  CASB Cloud Security helps organizations govern the use of cloud services like Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce; just to name a few of cloud services that businesses may utilize involving communication of company data. CASB could protect all of your endpoint devices, including BYOD (Bring your own Device) and/or BYOL (Bring your own Laptop) devices. Especially during a time where more workers are working remotely, CASB has never been more important to be implemented in order to keep you company data safe.

Since, cloud service usage has been on the rise and has never been used as frequently as it is today, CASB soon will be required in order to keep your data safe. Organizations have many shadow IT services that IT security may not be aware of, like IoT, messaging channels. With CASB, you can proxy the use of any cloud application and control it all within the CASB portal. With Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Access Rules manageable within CASB, you can control which users have permissions to what, such as shared files on your cloud service, as well as control DLP policies for your organization.

CASB Cloud Security is a solution to many security problems that are associated with using sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services.  Implementing Aurora’s CASB Cloud Security solutions into your environment offers your organization many benefits.  CASB gives your organization visibility into the cloud use of your organization, giving you the peace of mind that you are minimizing the security risks associated with using the cloud. This solution gives you the capability of ensuring that your data in the cloud is secure. Additionally, CASB Cloud Security contributes to compliance with regulatory requirements.


Aurora’s CASB Solutions controls the access of your cloud services, they give a view of all the cloud services that are used throughout the organization, specifying user, device and location. CASB cloud security solutions give administrators the capabilities to encrypt data stored in the cloud as needed or block them if specified data is not allowed through DLP.  Additionally, CASB solution uses threat prevention methods such as behavioral analytics, anti-malware scanning and threat intelligence.

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