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The Benefits Full Disk Encryption

Full disk encryptionWhy use disk encryption to encrypt laptops and desktops? Well, why not? There is much talk about security in the cloud and protecting data in transit. But what about data at rest? What would happen if your laptop was lost or stolen? Consider the information we keep on our hard drives: passwords, cached cloud storage, pictures and confidential documents.

Sure you have a strong password, but even the best passwords will not protect you against leaving your laptop in the coffee shop or when left behind at the hotel.

Laptops manufactured within the past few years are beyond showing any significant performance hits with modern full disk encryption clients. For the home user, there are free clients bundled with Microsoft (Bitlocker), Apple (Filevault) and various linux distributions (eg LUKS). For the small business and up, managed laptop encryption clients are available from Symantec and McAfee, that offer centralized management and recovery options to fit your needs.

Full disk encryption on laptops takes a moment to install but can give you peace of mind if your laptop or desktop is ever lost or stolen. With school back in session, more and more students are walking targets with their laptops and other high-value electronics.

Take a look at what you keep on your computer, as losing it can be akin to losing your wallet or purse. There is no single solution to data security, but full disk encryption can be another layer to keep your

By Tony Coronado

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