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Endpoint Encryption

There are hundreds of thousands of laptops lost or stolen every year, and the economic impact to the affected organization is potentially in the billions of dollars*. As contrasted with the often forgotten laptop at an airport or coffee shop, most laptop thefts involve sensitive data and result in data breaches. Such staggering data often begs the question, why aren’t organizations doing a better job with endpoint protection?

The answer, I believe lies in finding efficiency and effective solutions that do the job and are easy to manage. To be well accepted an endpoint security solution must have most if not all of the following criterion:

– Stable
– Run Smoothly
– Easy to deploy
– Easy to manage/maintain
– Cost effective
– Standardized and Scalable
– Good reporting
– Includes Encryption along with AV, Anti-Malware, Intrusion Prevention, Etc.

Enter Saas Endpoint Encryption! A solution managed from the cloud that adequately addresses all of the above measures. Rapidly deployable to geographically scattered workforce, no longer do Security Admins have to worry about intense, hands-on deployments. Encrypted Systems are required to phone home periodically for updates, making maintenance a breeze. An Endpoint Encryption Service from the cloud brings down capital and infrastructure costs, and scalability and reporting is an implied cloud feature. Today Endpoint Encryption Managed Services have great reporting features built in, allowing administrators to track compliance, errant devices, and push updates and enforce policy as determined by ones IT security strategy. Leading edge Endpoint Encryption SaaS services also have the inherent ability to brick a system in the event of theft or loss, resulting in reducing the cost of lost or stolen laptops, Desktop and USB devices in an organization.

* Ponemon Institute released a study (conducted independently and sponsored by Intel) of The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Problem



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