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Computer Security Basics


4 Computer Security basics to help keep you Safe in Cyber Space


By Ralph Figueiredo

  1. Purchase and run updated anti-virus software every year. The first year may cost $30 MSRP at Best Buy, for either McAfee or Symantec endpoint protection. After that you renew the license for approximately $20/year. If you don’t pay to renew each year, you’re getting older updates, which can’t stop newer viruses. Simple as that. It’s money well spent.
  2. Resist clicking on links or attachments from people you don’t know. If it’s suspicious, don’t click on it. Most viruses get downloaded from links and from attachments in malicious emails. Some of these viruses can log what you type and track your internet usage, especially designed to track financial information.
  3. Do not use common passwords. Use a different password for your Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail account and a unique/strong one (8 Characters, some numbers, a special character) for your online banking/financial institutions. Refrain from using names and words that exist in the dictionary. Password hacking software available online can auto combine dictionary words and numbers and hack your account. No one manually sits on a computer in Russia or China to hack you. Computers run programs and do this automatically and report back to the hacker, who can then sell your information to the highest bidder.
  4. Encrypt your laptop hard drive. If it’s lost or stolen, the thief can’t gain access to your confidential data and your client’s data as well. We recommend Symantec Drive Encryption by PGP for $110 (Onetime fee)



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