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Laptop encryption – A CEO’s perspective

5 Reasons why you need to strategize about Managed  Laptop encryption:

I am often asked about IT best practices by my peers and invariably the discussion steers towards encryption, especially the importance of Laptop Encryption.

We are  well aware about the need for encryption per se, discussions on the rolling out and managing  encryption, especially for portable devices, like laptops,  within your organization is a longer conversation.

Given the undisputed need for device encryption, organizations generally believe they have one of two choices. Either incur the capital expenditure to design, implement and maintain onsite encryption solutions or worse, bring off the shelf pre-encrypted drives into the environment, quickly creating a management nightmare.

Over the past 8 years of deploying various encryption solutions globally, I’d say that managed Laptop Encryption offers a more elegant, cost effective solution with some major advantages that are hard to ignore.

Costs: With a cloud based solution, the costs are not as dramatic as an onsite solution, and more importantly spread over a period of time, easily classified as a P&L expenditure item.

Management: Hosted Disk Encryption solutions deliver the obvious advantages of a cloud solution, in addition to providing organizations the much needed management factor. No need to worry anymore about whether a laptop is encrypted, can we brick it if lost, or retrieve data if an employee leaves.

Maintenance: A Managed laptop encryption service, eliminates the need for in-house key servers, or for your IT teams to have to constantly keep up their encryption expertise. Policies and Patches are all part of a Hosted laptop encryption service.

Securing and Limiting Access: Portable devices, specially laptops, are a key to the back door of your network. Assuming that firewalls and IDS/IPS devices are protecting your front door. Misplaced, lost or even temporarily out of the owners control, these devices can rapidly fall into the hands of unscrupulous elements who do not have your best interests at heart! With a Managed Laptop encryption solution, Laptop encryption is in place the minute you close the lid on your laptop and require authorization to re-log on.

Compliance: Let’s not forget the big one – Regulation and Compliance.  California’s Senate Bill  1386 lead the charge on the Finance industry in 2003, today regulation has spread across many verticals, generating the need for organizations to meet compliance needs at state, local and even Federal levels. A hosted laptop encryption service provides logs and reporting so organizations can prove compliance, in the event a laptop is lost or stolen, and avoid expensive law suits and brand damage.



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