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5 Reasons for a Full Disk Laptop Encryption Hosted Service

5 Reasons for a full disk laptop encryption hosted service

  1. Leverage the knowledge of best practice settings and configurations. Aurora® for instance has completed over 400+ encryption deployments, some globally. With over 400+ installations and deployments of on-site full disk and laptop encryption, as well as hosted laptop encryption, your solution would be customized to your specific needs as well as configured with industry and compliance best practices derived from real-life experiences in the field.
  2. Availability and scalability – With the option for clustering, and servers residing at SSAE16 Type II certified datacenters, Hosted Laptop Encryption is designed to offer maximum availability and scalability.
  3. Less servers to maintain and manage – Offload your dedicated on-site server to us, along with redundant and co-location ones. Get back rack and datacenter space. Repurpose existing infrastructure. Admins will have less servers to maintain, update, and upgrade, along with fewer considerations for rack space, power consumption, cooling, hardware failures, aging, hardware updates, and redundancy.
  4. Industry  Certifications and Compliance – To meet Federal, state and local regulations, hosted disk encryption practices conform to the most rigorus industry and government protocols including SSAE16 Type II and CSAE 3416 certifications.
  5. No Encryption Key Server needed – Your encryption infrastructure now managed by expert PGP/Symantec certified encryption engineers, allows customers to offload encryption expertise and responsibility to encryption experts. No on-site trained engineer required any more. Resources can be repurposed to other technology areas.
  6. No LDAP or AD access needed – One of the benefits of directory synchronization is single sign on (SSO). Allowing users to maintain one password to login from pre-boot to desktop. With Hosted Disk Encryption, you can have the best of both worlds. Users continue to use their own domain credentials without the worry of managing multiple passwords and admins can maintain control and security without allowing external access to your AD server. Encryption managed service is the way to go.


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