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Why use a Managed Service Provider for your existing Encryption deployment?


By Ralph Figueiredo

What would be the essential components of a managed service for encryption if you were looking to pick one? We’ve been in the encryption business for over 8 years now. And over the years, several clients have asked us if we offer manager services for encryption, ie managing their on-premise encryption solution for them, and we politely said no. We proudly stated that were in the business of complex encryption deployments and project-based consulting.

But after several client requests, we decided to ask our customers why they’d prefer a managed service for encryption and the answers were: 1) we’re in the healthcare or financial services business, and don’t plan to be in the encryption business 2) We’d rather invest in critical infrastructure type resources 3) we’re not getting additional head count for encryption 4) IT doesn’t want more work, and the security team isn’t responsible for maintaining solutions, just implementing them, etc.

So, if a company were to build a managed service offering for encryption, and if a client were to invest in it, the service should address the above business concerns or it would not be successful. With that in mind, the managed service for encryption would need to: Provide ongoing compliance, Improved Uptime, Reduce Maintenance Costs, Improve Efficiencies, be a recurring proactive service and be delivered by subject matter experts.

The ideal managed service for encryption would include upgrade assistance, best-practices advice, technology maintenance, strategic roadmap advice, training and knowledge transfer and maybe even documentation, which is often times a critical component to successful technology adoption.



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