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The Need for Speed

Hard to believe, but the film Top Gun is now 25 years old. Among other things, this is the movie that gave us the famous line, “I feel the need – the need for speed.”

After reading a report by Pando Networks on Internet access and speed, many Americans may share that same sentiment. If you were to ask most people where you’d find the fastest connectivity speeds in the world, most would probably assume it would be right here at home. With our tech-driven culture, we should expect nothing less.

But according to Pando Networks, the US is ranked 26th in the world, with an average speed of 616KBps. Topping the list is South Korea, at a blazing 2,202KPps. Among the runners-up are Romania (1,909KBps), Bulgaria (1,611KBps), Lithuania (1,462KBps), Latvia (1,377KBps) and Ukraine (1,190KBps).

At least America still ranks first in North America. Canada placed 31st, Mexico 86th. Near the bottom are developing nations and Africa and Asia. Even global powerhouse China lags behind much of the globe at 245KBps. When you’ve got that much money, I guess you don’t mind waiting a little longer.

There are also some fairly remarkable disparities within the United States, where Rhode Island offers the fastest download speeds (894KBps), and Idaho the slowest at just 318KBps (at least they’re still outpacing China!). The northeast and mid-Atlantic are the quickest, with the Midwest and mountain-west regions ranking near the bottom.

There are a variety of reasons to explain the differences, including geography, population, demand for high-speed data and Internet service providers. But one other element can impact download speed, and that is malware. If things are slowing down in your office, have an IT expert check out your system to find out the cause. Maybe it will save you the trouble of moving to Rhode Island – or Latvia.


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