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Twitter Hits a Milestone

How many people thought Twitter was a dumb idea when they first heard of it? Who could have guessed that this 140-character social network would eventually host a presidential town hall, play a role in the overthrow of dictators in the Middle East, and revive Ashton Kutcher’s career?

Twitter launched on July 15, 2006. It took the company 16 months to reach 600,000 accounts. Five years later, on July 15, 2011, Twitter signed up 600,000 new tweeters in just one day.

There were just 224 tweets sent out on the service’s first day. That many tweets are now sent in less than one-tenth of a second. More than 350 billion tweets are posted every day.

Employees send a lot of those tweets from their desk, when they should be attending to company business. If there is a downside to the social media revolution, it is in how it has impacted corporate productivity.

In one survey, 54% of company owners believed allowing employees to tweet or check their Facebook page at work was a bad idea.

There are also security concerns. Social media accounts may be vulnerable to malware, viruses, keylogging software, all of which can cause trouble for not just the employee but also the entire company.

We wish Twitter a happy birthday, but if too many of their 350 billion daily tweets are created by your employees, we invite you to contact us about our social media vulnerability assessment and security services. We’re here to help.


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