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Paging Dr. Chrono

Data breaches in the healthcare field are a significant concern that Aurora has tried to not only highlight, but to provide solutions to prevent. We also hear from customers about growing trepidation over the security of mobile devices, and not just cell phones but tablets such as the iPad.

A startup company called DrChrono has created a mobile device application that stores healthcare records – a double dose of potential vulnerability. So why do we still think it’s a good idea?

DrChrono is designed to modernize medical practices, streamline physician visits, and simplify the professional lives of doctors, by bringing electronic health records and much more to the iPad.

Through this one app, it will be possible for doctors to schedule their day of patient appointments, dictate notes on a case, write prescriptions and instantly email them to pharmacies, take clinical notes in their office, access and review lab results, and input electronic health records.

Obviously that’s good for doctors, and profitable as well, since the Obama administration has made a significant push for moving health records online. In fact, doctors can receive $44,000 in incentives just by using DrChrono as their electronic medical records platform.

There’s an efficiency benefit for patients as well. Transferring medical records from one doctor’s office to another will be faster, and when the doc can review a medical history, record observations, take photos and write a prescription all on the iPad, the patient can be in and out much more quickly. Finally, the 40 minutes of reading two year old magazines in the waiting room will no longer be followed by another 30 minute wait in the examining room before the doctor even walks through the door.

No, we haven’t invested in this company, and this is not an official endorsement of the product for any doctors who may be reading. No doubt other apps will hit the market to create competition in this field, and one of them may even be better.

But healthcare costs are on everyone’s mind, and whenever technology can help to reduce mistakes in the medical field, while also lowering patient costs, that’s a win-win. However, our primary focus is data security and protection, and as patient care evolves to take advantage of new technology, it is our job to work with hospitals and healthcare professionals to make certain that these new methods of data analysis and communication are safe. If you have these concerns, we are available for a consultation – and we promise it won’t hurt.


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