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Filling the Holes

Computerworld magazine published an insightful piece on six enterprise security leaks that should be addressed. Read the piece here: (

The list begins with unauthorized smartphones on Wi-Fi networks. While many companies have introduced policies prohibiting employees from using personal devices at the office, it is commonplace for workers to sneak in a phone call or two when no one is looking. There are several ways to address this concern, from network access control to providing company-sanctioned phones.

Open ports on a network printer can also be a concern, as they can be used by hackers to break into corporate networks. Social network spoofing and SMS text messaging spoofs are growing issues, as millions of people text and sign on to Facebook and Twitter every day. Also watch out for illegal downloads of music and movies. Blocking all P2P networking is one way to keep this problem under control.

Finally, the article warns, beware of sloppy programming. A hacker can exploit a custom-developed Web application with bad code, and that can leave an organization vulnerable to a data breach. Even the smallest coding error can cause a big problem.


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