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Aurora now Offers “No Equipment No Software” Whole Disk Encryption

DATE: February-2010

TORRANCE, CA (February 10, 2010) – Aurora, a leader in security encryption solutions, has launched Hosted Disk Encryption, a new service which provides affordable protection for the entire contents of laptops, desktops, external drives, CD/DVD or USB flash drives through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription. This service seamlessly encrypts company sensitive data on a month-to-month “pay as you grow” basis. Its purpose is to prevent the loss of sensitive data via physical loss or theft.

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Using PGP Whole Disk Encryption technology, this service supports Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.  SC Magazine Group reviewed PGP Whole Disk and named it a “Best Buy” winner for “features, performance, ease-of-use, documentation, support and value for the money.”  Traditionally, this level of encryption would have taken time and effort from IT staff.  With this new service, organizations can take cost-effective and proactive steps towards protecting their data and privacy without the major burden of purchasing, installing, training, and maintaining their own encryption equipment, software and staff.  “Additional equipment, software and consulting services, can be seamlessly replaced with this Aurora service, converting  major capital outlays to minimal monthly operating expenses” said Aurora CEO, Philip de Souza.  “We take care of software management, updates, training and support.”

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Currently with offices in Southern California, Florida, Australia and India, Aurora was founded in 1992 in Torrance, California providing security consulting services for mid-market and enterprise level customers.  Their security solutions are centered around Application Security, Network Security and EndPoint Security.  From quick Vulnerability Assessments to deep dive Security Strategy Development, their security professionals include practical recommendations with a holistic approach to information privacy in a variety of private and public industries including Education, Government, Finance, Transportation, Healthcare, and Non-Profits.  In 2009, Aurora was named “California Small Business of the Year” in the 53rd District.  Additional information can be obtained by visiting or calling (888) 282-0696.

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