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The upgrade assessment will provide your team with a trained DLP specialist who will analyze your infrastructure for any issues that would prevent a successful upgrade, followed by a seamless upgrade deployment.

Additionally, if you choose Aurora to assist you with your upgrade to Symantec DLP 14, you will receive a discount off of our normal upgrade service. An Aurora DLP 14 upgrade uses our best practice upgrade methodology to ensure a smooth, quick, and successful upgrade. Aurora’s upgrade assessment, remediation, and upgrade services maximize your Data Loss Prevention investment and allows you to upgrade to DLP 14 with confidence.

5 reasons to upgrade to DLP 14

1. Visibility and Control for Cloud Storage

  • DLP Cloud Storage is a new cloud discovery product that gives you deep visibility into the sensitive files that users are storing and sharing on Box. DLP seamlessly integrates with Box to scan employees’ accounts and discover what information is being stored, how it’s being used, and with whom it’s being shared.
  • The Cloud File Sync and Share feature monitors and prevents users from syncing sensitive files from their desktop to cloud storage sites including Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, and others.

2. Visibility and Control for Cloud Email

  • DLP Cloud Prevent for Microsoft Office 365 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s hosted email service, Exchange Online, to give you deep visibility and control of sensitive messages sent by business users.

3. Easy to Deploy in the Cloud and On-premises

  • With Amazon Web Services (AWS) support cloud, you can easily discover, monitor and protect sensitive data stored in AWS-hosted instances of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.
  • Single server installation support enables fast out-of-the-box deployment of the DLP management server, content detection servers, and Oracle database on a single physical server.

4. Improved Content Detection Capabilities

  • The Keyword Matching technology significantly reduces the time it takes to detect content matches
  • The Exact Data Matching technology delivers faster detection and improved accuracy so you can easily detect a single field or combinations of fields from a record.
  • The Indexed Document Matching technology significantly reduces the size of the server index footprint so you can efficiently fingerprint and detect unstructured data in documents.
  • The Remote Indexed Document Matching Indexer is a new out-of-the-box tool that protects business users’ privacy by enabling them to directly fingerprint highly sensitive files.

5. New Look and Feel

  • The improved UI modernizes the overall look and feel of the DLP Enforce management console and simplifies navigation.

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